About the Artist

Robin L. Rouch was born in Indiana but spent most of her life in Winter Park, Florida. After graduating second in her high school class, Robin went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude from Rollins College in Behavioral Psychology. After working for two years with autistic clients, Robin found she was too empathic for such work and decided to go back to school. The bridge from a liberal arts BA to a Masters program in engineering took several years but once she was admitted to the Computer Engineering program, she finished her MS in 1 � years. During her graduate program, she interned with Martin Marietta and NASA, working in Artificial Intelligence (AI) software design. Though given the opportunity to start her own AI department at Martin Marietta in Florida, she decided she wanted to leave Florida. She moved to Denver in 1990 and worked for Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin) for 7 � years before moving on to several other opportunities in the defense field. Robin retired from TRW (now Northrop Grumman) in 2000 due to major health problems.

It took years for Robin to adjust to retired life. Editing the 45 volume collected works of Jack Vance alongside an international coalition of fans helped her to make the transition. The books and stories have now been published as the Vance Integral Edition (VIE). Shortly before the VIE was printed, Robin suffered a C6 spinal cord injury. Though she avoided paralysis, she suffers constant, severe pain in her arms and legs, which greatly limits her abilities. In addition to always wearing gloves and heavy socks, Robin only has 7 hours she can be out of bed and active, and she is thankful for each hour.

In order to retain her manual dexterity, Robin started painting and taking digital photographs. Given her art and software background, digital photography was a natural fit. Robin now shoots with a Canon Digital Rebel XTi and a few basic lenses. She rarely shoots with a tripod and can be seen frenetically moving around any shoot. She has no fear of getting on or under tables to get the shot.

Robin is a very eclectic photographer with numerous styles. Like in computer programming, Robin believes that a photographer should treat each subject as unique and use the right tools for every job. Sometimes her work only requires a little cropping and color correction. Other times, she manipulates the image until it is little more than an abstract whirl of colors. Robin shoots everything from horses to classic portraits. Her finest work, �Brique and Pearl,� is a photograph manipulated to look like a painting in homage to Vermeer�s �Girl with a Pearl Earring.�

Robin takes photos in her studio, during workshops, and opportunistically. She is always looking for new subjects and models to shoot and appreciates referrals and recommendations! She also does commissioned work and some events. Studio visits can be arranged by appointment.

Robin lives in the Pinery in Parker, Colorado with her two doglettes: Nano and Tanzy.